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Residents of Lane Cove are entitled to FOUR free kerbside Clean Ups per year.

For additional Clean Ups, a paid collection is available through Council by calling 9911 3555.

If you live in an apartment building and have an onsite building manager, please refer your request for a collection to your building manager.

To book a free collection, begin by checking which items you need collected.

NB: Not all items are accepted in kerbside collections. Check the lists below.


  • Mattresses, ensemble bases
  • Fridges, freezers – doors must be removed
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, sofas/lounges, wardrobes, bookshelves
  • Appliances – vacuum cleaners, irons, kettles, toasters, blenders
  • Stereos, printers, fax machines, disc players
  • Rugs, mats (small), carpet (no greater than 1.2m length)
  • BBQs
  • Heaters
  • Filing cabinets
  • Small hot water systems
  • Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens
  • Lawnmowers – must be empty of fuel and oil
  • Gym equipment e.g. bicycles, exercise bikes, treadmills, weight benches, trampolines
  • Ironing boards


  • Televisions, computers
  • Bags of rubbish (food scraps etc)
  • Building wastes e.g. kitchen/laundry/bathroom or other renovation material, rubble, bricks, doors, roofing panels, guttering, tiles, plaster board, gyprock, plate glass, items longer than 1.5m
  • Oversize items such as baths, hills hoists, sinks, vanities, laundry tubs/sinks, toilets, commercial size fridges
  • Paints or chemicals
  • Fluorescent light globes/tubes
  • Mirrors or plate glass
  • Hazardous materials e.g. flammable liquids, oil, poisons
  • Gas bottles
  • Car parts, car batteries or tyres
  • Timber, fencing or wooden pallets
  • Soils, stones, concrete
  • Green waste e.g. tree stumps or branches
  • Bulk cardboard (disposal and recycling is free of charge at Artarmon and Ryde Resource Recovery Centres)
  • Food waste

NOT ALL ITEMS ARE ACCEPTED in Council Clean Up. If you have items that are on the "not accepted items" list, please find out how to responsibly dispose of them.

Note - Please keep your collection neatly and safely staked, within 3 cubic metres and ensure all items are less than 90kgs. All furniture collected is sent directly to landfill. To divert more waste from landfill consider selling or giving away unwanted items on Gumtree or eBay, at The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, or at your local charity.

Please consider Council’s Community Recycling Centre at 8 Waltham Street, Artarmon when deciding on what to present in your clean-up. Batteries, computers, paints, oils and more can be taken to the CRC for free to be recycled. For more information on what can go to the CRC please click here.

We are temporarily unable to post out stickers for booked collections. Please ensure to note down your booking reference onto a piece of paper and display with the items.

Please confirm:

* None of the Unacceptable items listed above will be placed out for collection.

* I understand that another option for e-waste is to take it to the Community Recycling Centre at 8 Waltham Ave, Artarmon where it will be recycled for free.